Welcome To The Family!

Your First Visit

Low back pain

 What you can expect to experience on your first visit depends on your individual situation, your overall health, and primarily your health care goals.

What Are Your Goals

Hands-On Healthcare

  If your desire is for traditional chiropractic care, we will provide that. If you are presenting for other complaints, or are interested in our other health care modalities, we will tailor your examination and treatment plan based on your needs and goals. 

We Work For You

Understanding Doctor

 We operate with the understanding that you are in control of your own health care. As your doctor, we work for you. It is our obligation to educate you and provide you with all of the necessary information to make an informed health care decision.

Health Is In Your Hands

Healthy Resonsibility

We can teach you how to live healthy, and provide care if you so choose... but your health is in your hands. You must play an active role and take responsibility for the lifestyle you have chosen, and the consequences of those decisions. 



By working together like this, we've found our results to be much more successful. While you're in our office, we try to respect your time as much as we'd like you to respect ours. We know you don't want to spend your day waiting in a doctor's office, so we make every effort to make your visit as efficient and time-sensitive as possible. 

Let's Get Started

Happy Family

With that in mind, click the link and a new, secure window will open where you can fill out your intake paperwork at your convenience. If you haven't already, contact our office to schedule your new patient appointment, and we'll be able to get you started right away when you arrive for your appointment.