A Few of the Awesome Compliments We've Received

We Take Pride In Pleasing Our Patients!

"Since beginning care with Dr. Gray, I have not had even one headache! I wish I had begun this therapy much earlier!" -- Cindy G.

"You don't realize how much pain you're in until you start feeling better … Thanks, Dr. Gray!" -- Chris F.

"I never thought that I could improve this much with this kind of treatment. This has been the best thing I could have done. Every day is an improvement! Dr. Gray cares about his patients and makes sure that they are given the best treatment needed. He is one terrific doctor!" -- Debbie G.

"After going through everything the medical community could throw at me, I was finally referred to Gray Chiropractic. They were able to explain what was wrong, why, and how to take care of it after the first visit! Now I go every couple months to make sure I don't miss work anymore." -- Mark J.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gray's for many years. He and his staff are very caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Gray takes the time to explain everything so that I leave his office feeling more educated than when I came in. I have had complex medical issues over the years, including a terrible car accident, and I can count on relief and compassion whenever I come into the office. Dr. Gray is truly a one-of-a kind human being and an excellent chiropractor." -- Vicky H.

"Greeted by a friendly & welcoming staff. My first visit was a wonderful experience! I had to find a new chiropractor since mine moved to Kansas. I am pleased with the technique's used by Dr. Gray and how comfortable he made me feel. I was very uncomfortable when I came in, but more relaxed when I walked out. I left with a smile on my face and my body feeling more like itself. I'm sure it will take maybe another visit or two, so I will be back!! Thank you Dr. Gray." -- Tina B.

"I strongly recommend Gray Chiropractic! The staff is so warm and friendly and Pam's massages are wonderful! Dr Gray seems to be very nice but I have always seen Dr Josh Sonsiadek. He is a brilliant and amazing Chiropractor and you will receive excellent care! My husband and daughter have also been treated by him with great results. Other chiropractors have had difficulty adjusting us but Dr Josh has really helped us and we won't go to anyone else! ♡" -- Teri D.

"My 8yr old son has suffered with tummy issues since he was baby. We've seen a plethora of doctors and specialists and the symptoms would only get worse. I was at my wits end, emotionally frustrated and drained when a friend recommended he see a chiropractor. My son instantly liked Dr Gray and his staff. He was professional and personable. Explained the why and how. Within a few hours after my son was adjusted he felt relief!! Thank you Dr Gray. You gave this mom a reason to sleep better knowing my son is going to be ok." -- Jennifer M.

"Dr. Josh works magic! I love this office. The people here are wonderful." -- Nire R.

"I am thrilled to find such a great place!! Dr. Gray is absolutely wonderful and I trust him with my bones and nutrition. Highly recommend." -- Mary W.

"Dr. Gray is the BEST! My Husband and I go to him and I have referred many of my friends to him and they love him as much as we do. He never rushes us and takes the time to explain things if we have questions. Definitely has done wonders for both of us. Genuinely a nice guy." -- Becky R.

"Dr Gray and his staff have been awesome. Was in a car accident and in extreme pain! Traditional doctors wanted to milk the bank with a bunch of tests. Dr Gray looked at xrays showed me why and where the hurt came from, then went right to work. 5 weeks later and not healed but much better." -- Scott K.

"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Gray! When I went to visit him I was totally out of alignment & thought I would have to have many adjustments to make me comfortable. My pain was greatly reduced after the 1st visit. After 3 visits I felt like a new person. I thought I would have to give up gardening but now I know I can continue that hobby without all the pain. Thanks Dr. Gray!" -- Marjorie Z.

"I tried everything ... there was not a diet around that could budge the excess weight. For 1 year I worked out three times a week in an intensive martial arts program and walked every day for 30 mins., combined with the famous "life style change" of making better food choices. To my dismay, I lost a grand total of 10 pounds. I was devastated and felt hopeless until I tried ChiroThin. It was the first time in 9 years that could see and feel the weight come off without exercise ... it was AMAZING. I would recommend the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program to anyone who has struggled with weight loss." -- Angela D.